Mitsubishi Electric HG-KN73BJ-S100 Servo Motor 750W

Mitsubishi Electric HG-KN73BJ-S100 Servo Motor 750W

This is brand new and original Mitsubishi servo motor 750W.
Model: HG-KN73J-S100

Product Details:


Mitsubishi Electric HG-KN73BJ-S100 Servo Motor 750W

This is brand new and original Mitsubishi servo motor 750W.
Model: HG-KN73J-S100

Model Designation :
HG-KN = Series
7 = Rated output [0.75 kW]
3 = Rated speed [3000 r/min]
B = With Electromagnet Brake
J = Oil seal Installed

Specifications :
Rated output [kW] : 0.75
Rated torque [N•m] : 2.4
Rated speed [r/min] : 3000
Maximum speed [r/min] : 6000
Instantaneous permissible speed [r/min] : 6900
Rated current [A] : 4.8
Maximum current [A] : 14
Power Rate at Continuous Rated Torque [kW/s] : 41.0
Recommended load to motor inertia ratio : 15 times or less
Insulation class : 130 (B)
Structure : Totally enclosed, natural cooling (IP rating: IP65)
Vibration rank : V10

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