NIDEC SHIMPO Gearbox Reducer VRB-090-5-K3-19DC19

NIDEC SHIMPO Gearbox Reducer VRB-090-5-K3-19DC19

Nidec VRB-090-10-K3-19DC19 gearbox recucer used on Nanxing six-sided CNC drilling center

Product Details:

gearbox reducer VRB-090-5-K3-19DC19 reducer

NIDEC SHIMPO Gearbox Reducer VRB-090-5-K3-19DC19

This is Nidec gearbox recucer used on Nanxing six-sided CNC drilling center.
Model: VRB-090-10-K3-19DC19
Besides, we also have model VRB-090C-5-K3-28HB22.

A valuable alternative for applications requiring high positional accuracy and dynamic performance. The VRB is a <3 arc-min gearbox that offers a through hole mounting design, making it easier to assemble onto various equipment. This product is an ideal fit for various belt drive and actuator applications found throughout the packaging and assembly cell automation markets.

Manufacturer: Nidec
Product No.: VRB-090-5-K3-19DC19
Product Type: VRB Series Inline Planetary
VRB: Series
090: Frame Size
Output mounting style: K = Keyad Shaft
Backlash: 3 = 3-arc min
19DC19: Motor mounting code
Weight: 4 Kg

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